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   We are Civil War Reenactors first and Sutlers second. We attend far more events as soldiers and civilians than we do as Sutlers.

 We sell primarily out of our tent at reenactments. We do however have two wood shops, one in Florida and one in Maine.

We can be available to set up anywhere in-between. Do you have an event that we might be interested in? Well then let us know about it!

Our customers are our friends! We like it that way! After many years in the field we are pleased to call many people friend!

   We look forward to meeting you on Sutlers Row, and hope to call you friend as well!

Tophat's Sutlery
From our shops to your camp...
Mount Dora, Florida 2005
    14th Brooklyn NYSM
  Estero Florida 1995
4th Florida Infantry
Tophats Social Club, Ft. Knox, Maine 2010
Goofing off at Fort Clinch Florida 2015
Miss Becky and Friends playing on the rail road. Phillips Maine 2014
Raid on the Sandy River R.R. 2017 with the King of Prattlandia
Tophat and John marching in the Phillips Maine Old Home Days parade 2017
Tophat, Mike, and Brandon doing a school demonstration at Phillips Elementary 2011
Becky and Tophat at Fort Desoto Florida 2009
Tophat Conversing... 2020