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Tophat's Sutlery...

      Tophat has reenacted since 1982 and Miss Becky has been reenacting since 1994. I guess you could say that we are reenacting veterans!

     We have found that in order to keep the hobby interesting we needed to try new impressions within the hobby of reenacting, and that is how Tophat's Sutlery was born.

    Fourteen years ago we decided to try a Sutler  impression. We found that we  enjoyed it so much that we started doing our "Sutler" impression several times a year. From that humble begining​ we formed what has become the Tophat's Sutlery that you see today.

     We have grown considerably the last few years.   We now regulary stock military items such as: leathers, canteens, insignia, lanterns, and our product list continues to grow!

     In 2015 we introducing our "Church Wood" line of products made from church pews milled around 1863-65.  Stop by and check out this little piece of history!

    So please stop by and see us under canvas on Sutlers Row. We are really looking forward to meeting you!
Tophat and Custis at Ft. Knox, Maine 1997
Tophat and Miss Becky heading to
the Blue and Gray ball
Umatilla, Florida 1997
Tophat at the head of the line
     15th Alabama Infantry
        Norlands, Maine 2009
Poor Old Custis!  Fort Knox, Maine
Tophat on the right taking aim while fighting with the 14th Key West 2011
Peter, Jason & Tophat at Paisley, Florida 2011
Tophat's Sutlery
From our shops to your camp...
Becky and Tophat at the Lee Jackson Ball 2017
Yulee and Eng. 5 in quarters and standing by ... Mount Dora Florida 2017