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We sell many different items, but our claim to fame is the products that we manufacture in our own shops.

Tophat's operates out of two production wood shops. Our Southern shop is located in Sumterville, Florida.  Our Northern shop is located in Phillips, Maine.

All of our wooden products are completely hand made. You will not find a computer driven tool in either of our shops. Each board is hand selected for it's intended use and then handcrafted into the final product.

We use American components whenever they are available. Currently our pine boards are coming from the State of Maine.

We manufacture wooden camp furniture and accessories out of both of our shops. Such items as our famous folding benches, folding tables, camp trunks, kitchens, officer's field desks, "Nuckolls Pattern" canteens, and our latest, "Church Wood" line, a line of wood products made from Civil War-era wood church pews.

We also are producing our own leather goods in our leather works and pouring brass belt buckles in our foundry, both located in Florida.

Tophat's is a full line Sutlery. We stock military arms, accouterments, and uniforms as well as civilian wear for both men and ladies. We do not always have everything, but we probably stock more than you might think.

We also wheel and deal with used equipment. Have something to sell? Give us a try first. Looking for a good deal on used equipment? Check with us to see if we have what you are looking for in stock.

If there's an item you're interested in, please stop by the Sutlery at our next event (see Schedule of Events page), give us a call, or drop us an email to discuss to what event we can bring an item for you.

Remember - Tophat's proudly offers a "We will make it right guarantee." All our in-shop built wood items will be repaired or replaced if they fail under normal use. We want your business, but your friendship is even more important to us!
Southern Shop - Sumterville, FL
Northern Shop - Phillips, ME
2', 3', 4' and 6' Folding Tables. Our tables are of the finest quality. You will not find a better table on Sutler's Row...period.
Battenberg lace parasols. We stock many colors and styles Contact us and we will check our inventory for your preferred style and color.
Ice Cooler. We have finally found a cooler that transitions well into a wooden box. The lid snaps securely closed keeping your items cold. This one is stenciled, but they are also available "naked".
Tophat's regularly stocks used military styled black powder firearms and edged weapons. Our inventory is always changing, check with us to see if we have the weapon that you need.
Our research has shown that Florida had one small operating iron foundry during the war years. Here are our versions, of how their Artillery crates may have looked.
We have built multiple versions of "Crate Desk" . They have been  designed to represent a field modified shipping crate from the period. They are generally left in the raw without any finish, just as crates would have been.
Here we have another Sample of "Crate" construction. This time as a pantry. We use box joints and or square or rose head nails for case construction, and occasionally use small finish nails for detailed attachments.
A sample of some of our crates with commercially available products from the 1860's stenciled on them.
One of our "Split Box" Pantries.
Here we have a "Crate" Field desk interior, with a "Cigar Box Drawer"
We manufacture military belt buckles and box plates.
We stock ladies gloves in a wide array of colors and trims. We also carry vintage cotton and kid gloves.
We sell original items such as this drum. We have sold this one, but we never know what will be coming the door next! Please let us know what you are looking for.
An example of a Charleston Arsenal Crate per the original specifications.
Our Nuckolls Pattern Canteen is a faithful reproduction of the Nuckolls Canteen as seen in the Columbus Georgia Museum. The one pictured is Cherry with a very limited availability. We do have in stock versions in Pine with different stains.
Here is an Example of some our Pine Nuckols canteens.
We also build Gardner Pattern Canteens in our shops. This example is an 1830s Version.
We are a full line Sutler. We stock Uniforms, Leathers, Buttons, Buckles etc... From the 1830's up to and through the Civil war. If you need it, we likely have it! Let us know what you are looking for.
An example of some our "Aged" Crates.
Tophat's has a full line of musket tools, cleaning items, and parts.
Leather rough-side-out brogans with built-in heel plates.
Leather cavalry boots with built-in heel plates
Ladies leather booties
Shirts in a wide variety of fabrics and patterns. Inventory changes quickly, so see what we have in stock (new and used) or call for a quote for a custom-made shirt.
Boxes in all sizes, finishes, and stencils (or without). Dog not included.
Leather cap pouch with lambswool inside
Model 1855 leather cartridge box with tins. We also carry Model 1808 leather cartridge box with tins.
Leather belts in a variety of sizes. We also carry leather and canvas canteen straps, and leather cartridge box slings.
We carry a variety of head gear such as Civil War kepis and forage caps, as well as Model 1825 wool forage hat (we call it the "pizza" hat) and Model 1833 leather forage hat as shown.
We offer a full line of Uniforms from the 1830's up and through the Civil War. This Seminole War fatigue jacket comes in both white trim (Infantry) and yellow trim (Artillery).
We offer Seminole War drop front trousers as well as a wide variety of wool Civil War trousers.
We have all your officer needs such as chevrons, collar rank, and hat cords.
Tophat's offers Made in the USA beeswax blocks and candles.
Everything you need to decorate your kepi including the branch of service shown here, letters and numbers, and more.
We offer a huge variety of wool shell jackets, frock coats, sack coats, and great coats.
We offer a wide variety of items for the soldier such as, buttons, cups, plates, utensils, haversacks, canteens, wool socks, wool gloves, housewives, etc. as well as a wide choice of used gear. Check us out!
Convenient folding stools can double as an "A" tent table, a table next to your chair around the fire, or even as a foot stool! Comes in two different heights, 17-1/2" and 21".
Crate stools make a great addition to your tent or fire side. Many authentic labels to choose from!
Partial List of Sample Inventory
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